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  • Anechoic chamber Dobříš
    Anechoic chamber Dobříš
    Anechoic chamber Dobříš
  • Anechoic chamber Bosh
    Anechoic chamber Bosh
    Anechoic chamber Bosh in České Budějovice, Czech republic
  • Anechoic chamber Garrett Brno
    Anechoic chamber Garrett Brno
    Anechoic chamber Garrett Brno
  • Anechoic chambers
    Anechoic chambers
    Anechoic chamber VSB enables to measure the acoustic power from 100Hz in combination with an experienced team provides professional acoustic measurements for various industries.
  • Platform for stability tests.
    Platform for stability tests.
    We have delivered for Doosan BobCat tilting platform which allows you to test the stability of their machines at different tilt angles (max. 45) on all four sides, the platform allows weighing machines plus a balance calculation! This unique machine is already in use, you can read more by clicking on the picture ...
  • School canteen ZŠ Třinec
    School canteen ZŠ Třinec
    Acoustic adjustment of School canteen, elementary school Třinec, Czhech republic

About us

Anechoic chambers, semi-anechoic chambers, hemi-anechoic chambers, quiet rooms, acoustic testing rooms… all these names (and more) are used to refer to a unique type of noise measurement facility. The most common term used by experts in the field is “semi-anechoic chamber” (and also “hemi-anechoic chamber”, which is used in the relevant ISO standards). A semi-anechoic chamber is used as a benchmark environment for measuring acoustic parameters. Ten years ago, the team at the Centre for Advanced and Innovative Technologies (CAIT) began to design these chambers and build them in conjunction with its partners. It soon became clear that the planning and construction of semi-anechoic chambers is a truly multi-disciplinary process, requiring expertise in several different fields. As one might expect, the design process requires a thorough knowledge of acoustics. But it also requires expertise in many other fields – structural engineering, electrical engineering, automation, signal measurement, vibration diagnostics, logistics, occupational safety, fire safety, IT, economics and project management.

Over several years the CAIT built up a team of experts for this purpose – both employees of the CAIT and external contractors. The team members have a wealth of experience in the above-listed fields, and they apply their knowledge and expertise throughout the entire process – from the pre-planning stage to the design, construction and subsequent use of the semi-anechoic chambers. As a team we are now able to deliver a wide range of solutions – not only in the field of acoustics, but also in other types of testing.

The Experimental Noise and Climate Laboratory is part of the Centre for Advanced and Innovative Technologies (CAIT) at the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava. The CAIT’s core mission is to enable knowledge transfer from university-based research to industry – and this is precisely what we are doing with our semi-anechoic chambers. The VŠB-Technical University is a renowned brand of quality in the technical sciences and a guarantee that even the most demanding projects will be successfully completed.

If you are seeking a professional solution for your technical measurement needs, we are the ideal partner for you. So contact us to set up a meeting – we will discuss your requirements and propose optimum solutions. In many cases we have developed long-term relationships with our customers, who appreciate our outstanding professionalism and peerless expertise.