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Numerical modeling and simulation

Engineering and technical procedures used in the design, diagnostics or revision of structures, machines and machine technology take advantage of computer-aided engineering (CAE). Our department offers the wide range of computer support for engineering processes and services in the field of numerical simulation, design and modeling with focus on structural mechanic, dynamics, acoustics and other fields.

Our group of numerical simulation and modeling has long-term experience with engineering design and optimization especially with finite element method and other CAE solution. :

Another area of our activity is research in the field of structural mechanics, dynamic and acoustics.

  • Crane support Bosch
    Crane support Bosch
    Mechanical and stress analysis of crane support in Bosch
  • Rail wheel
    Rail wheel
    Modal anaysis of rail wheel for acoustic analysis
  • Sample analysis
    Sample analysis
    Plasticity analysis of sample tested in bending
  • Vibration analysis
    Vibration analysis
    Vibration analysis of steel frame for shaker testing system
  • Air filter analysis
    Air filter analysis
    Complex geometry and mesh
  • Acoustic chamber
    Acoustic chamber
    Acoustic pressure analysis in anechoic chamber

The list of the most interesting solved problems includes for example:

  • prediction of properties and design of structural modifications for anechoic and acoustic chambers,
  • simulation and analysis of dynamic properties of vibro-acoustic absorbers of railway wheels,
  • solution of structural modifications of rosette wheels of agglomeration belt and their verification by simulations of kinematic passages of trucks through rosettes,
  • simulation of deformation-stress behavior of steel bridge structure, including correlation with operational measurements, and subsequent prediction of service life and transport technology

For the implementation of numerical simulations, the workplace is equipped with powerful workstations based on the Intel platform and NVIDIA graphics accelerators.

  • Workstation 2CPU Intel Xeon Gold 3.0GHz, 384GB RAM, 4TB SSD disk space, 2x 1Gb ethernet
  • Workstation 1CPU Intel Xeon E5 2.6GHz, 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD work space, 2x 1Gb ethernet
  • Disk space field Synology RS2418+, RAID 6 with capaticy 32TB

For the purposes of numerical simulations, we use a number of commercial as well as open source software solutions.

  • Mathcad
  • Matlab
  • MSC Adams
  • Code-Aster
  • Code-Saturne
  • OpenFoam
    • and other …